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Real Testimonials    

E.G. These Jobs Are Real. 

My friend referred me to  William from "William's Plumbing" - he arrived in 20 minutes and were done and dusted in 30 minutes. Job Well Done !

Ms  A Boyd   Comiston Road Morningside.

(Cost £58)    Date Nov 2010  

 (Note from William)   ( I was very close at time so I kept job cheap, this price included some parts)

Last summer (what summer) we arrived back from a festival night out, it was 3am Sunday morning, tried around six plumbers, five never answered and one said he would come on Monday I screamed "Ive got a leak now!". Then I got the number from the internet for William and Brian. They came out within the hour.They shut off the water leak within about 2 minutes of arrival - then they fixed my leak, helped me with clearing the ceiling that was now on the floor. Cleaned it up fast. They were brilliant - have had them back twice since for other jobs.

(would you beleive they carry a wet and dry vac uum). 

Mr James Houston Eskbank Rod Dalkeith.

(cost £98)    Date Aug 2010     

(Note from William)  (job was out of hours)

On October 10th, had two polish plumbers out to fix overflow in toilet cistern. After they had tried and failed to fix the problem, they confessed that back in Poland they were brick layers, they had done a short plumbing course in Glasgow and were still picking it up. so I decided to look through the directory and got  William. As promised in their advert they were out within the hour. He then fixed the problem within 20 minutes.. I was very relieved that my problem was solved and I will be sure to use him again.

I can tell you that William can talk for scotland, but he does a great job.

William fixed the problem he told me it was due to a washer and float valve.  

I am sorry to be blunt (no disrespect to anyone polish)     but I can disrespect these two cowboy's ( why not stick to brick laying?)

Mr John Edward Price       Edinburgh City Centre  (castle terrace)

(cost  From the first two plumbers     £67.50)                     But Was Not Fixed      october  10th  2010

(cost  From William,s Plumbing  £82  included parts)     But this was fixed        october  11th 2010

William has since fitted for me.

1 bathroom 2 showers    and a washine machine.

(Advice from William)  (Next time check I.D. )   

( by the way I noticed the comment from John above about me talking for scotland ) 

He is right of course But I do get the job done.

Many thanks William. 


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